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American style street lights housing 200W ST1916


American style street lights housing specially used for street lamps. The american style street lights housing comprises a casing, a high-voltage chamber, a transformer chamber, a low-voltage chamber and a street lamp control circuit, wherein the high-voltage chamber, the transformer chamber and the low-voltage chamber are arranged in a triangular shape in the casing, a transformer body is arranged in the transformer chamber, the street lamp control circuit is arranged in the low-voltage chamber, and the street lamp control circuit comprises a light operated switch G, a time control switch S, a fuse FU1, a fuse FU2, a mini circuit breaker QF1, a mini circuit breaker QF2 and an intermediate relay KA. The single-phase American style box transformer specially used for the street lamp is high in the completeness, small in size and small in occupation space, line loss is reduced, and the power supply quality is improved; addressing is flexible, installation is convenient, and the power delivery period is shortened; the appearance is beautiful, and the adaptability to the environment is high; and the cost is low, and the effectiveness is high.


It integrated IP65 lamp modular design ensures good heat dissipation.
1.The body is of light weight and made of durable composite material.
2.The street light provides optimum light distribution for various roadway applications.


American style street lights housing Details:
Item Type: Street Lights;
Style: Modern;
Finish: Polished Steel;
Certification: CE,PSE,RoHS;
Protection Level: IP65;
Features: bright;
Body Material: Aluminum;
Beam angle: 90°;
Power Source: AC;
Warranty: 1 year;
Light Source: LED Bulbs;
Base Type: Wedge;
Is Bulbs Included: Yes;
Voltage: 85-265V;
Usage: Industrial.

American style street lights housing

American style street lights housing

American style street lights housing

American style street lights housing


American style street lights housing advantage:
Chief among the advantages of LEDs is that they have extremely long lives -- they don't have filaments that can quickly burn out -- and they don't contain toxic chemicals like mercury, unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury-vapor lamps. An LED light can last 100,000 hours. These lights also have reduced maintenance costs because of their long lives, and they give off less heat than other bulbs. Because they last so long, LEDs are suitable for places where replacing light bulbs is expensive, inconvenient or otherwise difficult.


LEDs are highly energy efficient. While compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) recently have been touted as the standard in green lighting, LEDs actually have double their energy efficiency. They use 15 percent of the energy of an incandescent bulb while generating more light per watt. LEDs produce 80 lumens per watt; traditional streetlights can only muster 58 lumens per watt.


American style street lights housing application:
-Ideal for general site lighting, alleys, loading docks, doorways, pathway, parking areas;
-Replace existing HID flood lights/wallpacks;
-Great for use with motion sensors or other instant on/off controls.


Package accessories:
aluminum body,
PCB, lens,
seal rubber and screws.

Test & Certifications:
Type of protection:  IP65

Place of origin:
Shenzhen, China.


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