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LED fountain lights are widely used in fountains, swimming pools and other tourist attractions.

LED lights are a more subtle softer light than a halogen light and can be used either indoor or out doors. They come with a water tight transformer and the lights can also be used in or out of water. Note: The transformer can not be submerged.

LED fountain lights come in white or color changing, Red, Blue and Green which change slowly not flashing. This low voltage fixture uses an open face design, allowing it to be used for general lighting, flood lighting, moonlighting, accent lighting and wide spotlighting purposes and is LED ready for high energy savings.


Illuminate your pond at night with LED fountain lights. With energy efficient LED bulbs, you can make a beautiful nighttime display for a fraction of the energy cost.

LED fountain lights has been at the forefront of exploring LED lighting technology for water features. LED fountain lights is an exciting new way of thinking about and installing a lighting system. At the heart of each LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a microprocessor that emits light when an electric current passes through it. As each diode can be programmed individually, digital light shows can switch with incredible speed, variation and accuracy. With RGB color (Red, Green, Blue) you have a virtually unlimited palette of color to work with!


Other advantages of LED fountain lights:

Lower power requirements;

High Efficiency/Produces Less Heat;

Long life/Saves Maintenance Time and Costs;

Limitless Design Flexibility with Color Intensity/Variety;

Can individually control each LED lamp for limitless color sequencing potential;

LED fountain lights technology requires a systems approach. LED fountain lights can supply all the components you require and assist you with product selection and sequenced show programming. LED fountain lights works as an integrated total networked lighting system and includes 3 elements:


Underwater LED fountain lights have a large number of advantages over conventional lighting, out of which we will only emphasize those that have some kind of influence on the architectural fountain lighting::

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Underwater LED fountain lights are well known for their efficiency, as they produce more light per watt than incandescent lights. Among many other things, this is an important fact due to the reduction in the financial cost of maintenance involved when using LEDs in comparison to the use of submersible lights for the fountain lighting


A wide range of colors can be reproduced without needing to use additional filters LED fountain lights are highly durable and the number of times they are turned off and on, a very frequent action in water feature lights, has no effect on their useful life


We can achieve any color using the RGB mixture of the LED fountain lights.